Jonathan - Fagan, "Tisa hats Chronicle" reported, both in the NBA Tisa hats or the NBDL players belong to the same team with each other should keep in touch with the Tisa hats Tisa Snapbacks this is done well, especially Tisa Snapbacks Tisa hats being, often living in the NBDL Terrence - Jones also won the gratitude of the latter. In addition, Chandler Tisa hats - Parsons hope the next game comeback, this is also good news for the Tisa Snapbacks.

Tisa Snapbacks elbow some pain, he said with a smile that is caused by too much computer games played, but teammate Jones has another argument. Been called up from the NBDL to win a place in the rocket Fours, Jones said, still NBDL Tisa Snapbacks would often contact him, and all his teammates played in the Rio Grande Valley Vipers team.

"After almost every game he would contact me, especially when I play well," Jones said, "He finished the game, I will contact him and James (- Harden) almost every game will talk after the game. many of his teammates and I chat, but Tisa Snapbacks is particularly able to cater to every teammate, and my contact is frequent. let me know that he has been watching me, I play well when teammates also often pulling my leg, which means a lot to me. "

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16 games this season, Tisa Snapbacks has eight assists

2013-04-09 23:30
The Rockets won 11 games. "He is not just a super scorer, his passing is also very good," teammate Jeremy Lin take Tisa Snapbacks praised the Tisa Snapbacks. Tisa Snapbacks and Jeremy Lin can pass good attack, rocket attack routines become very rich, this season scoring average to 106.2 points, the...

Tisa Snapbacks gurantee you a good quality with different sizes and styles

2013-04-09 23:22
Tisa Snapbacks this season to the fast break, and one-third, be able to rely on two pieces of magic, so some teams by surprise, but the Nuggets in front, two pieces of magic all the failures. Nuggets athletic ability than rocket excellent, they are faster, threes no way inferior. Tantamount to...


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Tisa Snapbacks hats will have new version on 2013 NBA season

2013-04-09 23:26
Tisa Snapbacks on this NBA season, the offensive firepower has been fully excavated, especially made free throw ability is praiseworthy. However, in the eyes of many people, Tisa Snapbacks passing ability is a must. "The reason he is so good is that he likes to pass the ball, he and Tisa hats...